The Bata Region


The Bata Region

You won’t find the Bata Region on a map, but if it were there, it would extend from the city of Zlín to the southernmost tip of Africa, Indonesia and America. That is where Tomas Bata managed to spread his talent, perseverance and courage.

But his starting point was Zlín and that is the heart of the Bata Region. Factory in the gardens, Bata houses on the hillsides around, the school district and functionalist architecture, the unique Bata Canal and many other interesting places to discover.

Stocking repair plant in 1938, Josef Vaňhara, SOkA Zlín, cover no. 5840, serial no. 8

Tomas Bata opened his first shoemaking workshop in Zlín in 1894. For Tomas Bata it was the beginning of something big. Zlín became a laboratory where the Batamen created a unique factory and managing system. An ideal city with architectural and urban conveniences.The Batamen then implemented their ideas in 140 countries around the world. But Zlín has remained and always will be the home of Tomas Bata's ideas. And that is where our story begins.

Discover the Bata Skyscraper with an elevator office, unique buildings of the Zlín factory complex, the Bata Canal and the glass Memorial shining above the city. Put on Bata's shoes and follow the path of Bata's housing, production, urbanism and ideas.

Be the best in the world in what you do and the world will find the road to your door.
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About the Bata Region project

The project brings together organisations dealing with the Bata theme. From museums and galleries to educational institutions and other places that are closely associated with Tomas Bata. We work together to make the Bata Region open and accessible to visitors. Discover the unique charm of the region where Tomas Bata and many of those, who believed and still believe in his ideas, grew up.

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