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Zlín Architecture Manual

Before you visit Zlín, download the Zlín Architecture Manual app to your mobile phone. It will give you even the smallest detail about every interesting building in Zlín or about the people who built Zlín. But it's not just an encyclopaedia, it's also a great source of tips for trips and themed architecture walks. Just choose one of the routes and get going.

The Zlín Architecture Manual (ZAM) was inspired by a similar manual from Brno mapping the famous history of Brno buildings. At the time when the aArchitektura association started thinking about the creation of the Zlín manual, there were only three similar ones in the Czech Republic – Brno Architecture Manual (BAM), Pilsen Architecture Manual (PAM) and Litomyšl Architecture Manual (LAM). Which is not surprising, given the complexity of the process. 

Thanks to Lucie Šmardová and the aArchitektura association, there is now a similar manual for Zlín. It is presented under the acronym ZAM, and in addition to detailed descriptions of individual buildings, it also contains profiles of Zlín architects and personalities who contributed to the development of the city and the factory.

ZAM also offers thematic routes, the number of which is gradually increasing. You can choose from Baťa Housing, Factory Premises, Non-Bata Zlín, Villas of Zlín personalities or Kudlov, Moravian Hollywood. Another route will take you on a trip to the Nineties or to Partizánské in Slovakia. 

As mentioned before, you can download the free mobile app for iOS and Android or stop by one of the information centres to pick up maps with the routes. Then all you have to do is put on your walking shoes and get going.

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