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Tomas Bata Villa

The villa witnessed a number of groundbreaking events for the entire Bata family. It was designed by the architect František Novák from Vizovice and adapted by Jan Kotěra. The Bata family moved here in 1912. The villa was a representative residence, a place for meetings and important business discussions, as well as a place of rest and family retreat. Today it is the seat of Tomas Bata Foundation. It hosts Bata Academy, thematic lectures, seminars and courses for the general public, as well as cultural events such as Evening Teas.

The unobtrusive grandeur that the villa displays on the outside can also be found inside The bright entrance corridors ending with small pavilions lead the visitor into a two-storey hall inlaid with wood panels. Both inside and outside, you get the impression of traditionalism breaking with a modern conception of architecture and life, as if the architect was teetering on the edge between an upper class residence and villa of a 20th-century factory owner.

It was a very lively place at the time of the greatest boom of the Bata Company. Tomas Bata met here with his colleagues, managers, architects and other personalities of Zlín. On every May Day, he used to organise a gathering for the factory employees. The hectic life of the factory owner is also evidenced by the fact that only the bedroom of Tomas and Marie Bata does not have windows facing the factory. This was the only place in Zlín where the boss would find peace and time to relax.

After the death of Tomas Bata in 1932, the villa served as a place of representative meetings and home for Marie Bata and her family. In 1950, the villa was nationalised and converted into a pioneer house. Both the villa itself and the magnificent garden, which is now cut through by the main road, suffered from the neglect. It was returned to Tomas Bata Junior after 1989. Reconstruction took place and the lower floor of the villa has been restored.

Thanks to this, you can visit the original Tomas Bata's office and the reception hall. You can take a tour of the villa or attend a Bata-themed event organised by Tomas Bata Foundation.

Interesting facts

If you are interested in the Bata theme, we recommend signing up for Bata Academy seminars or one of Bata Week events held in the villa. The Tomas Bata Foundation also published a number of excellent books, including Reflections and Speeches, Inspired the Bata Way and more.

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Opening hours

Guided tours are held regularly on the first Sunday of the month from 11AM.

Dates for 2024: 7. 1., 4. 2., 3. 3., 7. 4., 5. 5., 2. 6., 14. 7., 4. 8., 1. 9., 6. 10., 3. 11., 8. 12.

Dates for summer guided tours 2024: 5. 7., 21. 7., 16. 8., 17. 8.

On these dates, you can choose to start the tour at 2PM or 4PM.