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Tomas Bata Memorial

It is a very special place. The crystalline architecture by František Lýdie Gahura shines as an imaginary crown above the city of Zlín. Tomas Bata Memorial is one of the world’s top architectural monuments, even though at first glance it might appear to be empty inside. The purity and openness of this glass jewel will evoke strong emotions in you.

The modern glass building was designed by František Lýdia Gahura and built at the top of the green area of the TGM Square in 1933 – exactly one year after the sudden death of Tomas Bata. The tragic news took the inhabitants of the well-developed pre-war Zlín by surprise. With his design, Gahura succeeded in imprinting the memorial with Tomas Bata's qualities – optimism, generosity, truthfulness and simplicity.

Tomas Bata Memorial is an open space. From the outside, it looks like a shining crystal, its mass strikingly reminiscent of the typical pattern of factory buildings in the city below. Inside, it is dominated by a functionalist Z-shaped staircase and a model of the Junkers aircraft in which Tomas Bata died. You'll find interesting details such as replicas of the original torchiere lights, a floor made of painted cast concrete and a display case with Tomas Bata's pocket watch. But the most fascinating is the open, free space that gives you the chance to stop, look around and take in the sheer splendour of modern architecture.

How has the Memorial regained its place on the architectural map of Zlín? The Memorial was opened on 12 July 1933, exactly on the first anniversary of Tomas Bata's death. During the first three years, around two hundred thousand people visited it. After the war, in 1954-55, modifications and additions were made, changing the name and the original purpose of the building. The Memorial became the House of Art. It served as a concert and exhibition hall until 2013. Space for a gallery and a philharmonic orchestra was certainly needed. Fortunately, after the Velvet Revolution, new premises were found for cultural institutions to move to. The Memorial underwent a two-year reconstruction, during which it was restored to its original appearance and purpose. Since 2019, you can visit the breathtaking Memorial as originally designed.

When to visit?

A guided tour is given every hour. The Infopoint of Tomas Bata Memorial, with its ticket office and lecture area, is located in the far entrance to the grammar school on the left side of the Memorial.

Free admission is available on selected days. An educational programme can be arranged for schools, camps or other large groups of children.


The Memorial is wheelchair accessible only on the ground floor. If you have any mobility limitations, please contact the Infopoint in advance and they will be happy to tailor the tour to your individual needs.

Visiting the Memorial is suitable for families with school-aged children. If the 45-minute guided tour is too long for your younger children, you can leave it a little earlier.

Interesting facts

The magnificent premises of the Memorial can be used to commemorate important events in the Czech Republic. For example, on the national holiday of 17 November in 2023, you could see the building in national tricolour

In the area of Gahura Boulevard in front of the Memorial, a street-art light-happening regularly takes place to commemorate the legacy of Jan Palach. The event is organised by the cultural and creative centre Živý Zlín and the author of the original idea is the artist Petr Dosoudil.

Where next

  • Make sure to stop by the Infopoint of Bata housing which you'll find nearby in an unassuming little house hidden among the Bata boarding schools.

Opening hours

TUE–SUN 9.30AM–5.30PM

FRI–SUN 9.30AM–4.30PM