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Zlín Architecture Manual

Would you like to know more about Zlín architecture? Then you should not miss the Zlín Architecture Manual (ZAM). This database of all interesting places, buildings, spaces and names in Zlín and its surroundings will present to you the unique Zlín architecture, guide you through thematic routes to Bata's housing, directors' villas, factories or the film studios. It is also available as a mobile app. 

ZAM Maps

The Zlín Architecture Manual is one of the first ones created within the framework of architecture manuals in the Czech Republic. The very first one was the Brno Architecture Manual (BAM), followed by the Litomyšl Architecture Manual (LAM) and then the Zlín Architecture Manual.  

We recommend

Download for free the ZAM Zlín mobile app for iOS or Android and follow one of the routes or read the stories of individual houses and villas.

You will find 16+ thematic routes. e.g. Factory Premises, Villas of Zlín personalities, Bata Housing, Non-Bata Zlín or Gottwaldov. It will take you to the nearby town of Otrokovice, full of technical uniqueness, and the more distant Partizánske, former Batovany, in Slovakia. Above all, it presents in detail the story of architectural Zlín with all its peculiarities.

You can get ZAM Zlín as a printed map at information centres or at the Infopoint of Bata Housing.

Where next

  • Visit the Infopoint of Bata Housing, where ZAM is based, and where you can learn all about the Bata houses, which are still highly treasured in Zlín.
  • Book a place on an architectural tour with local Zlín Zone guides. They are held from May to September.
  • Stop by the Tomas Bata Memorial, which will take your breath away with its functionalist sophistication. The tour starts every hour.. 
  • Visit the Bata Skyscraper with a magnificent view of the whole city.
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