The Bata Region


Guided tour: Tomas Bata and Luhačovice

Explore the traces and legacies that Tomas Bata left behind in the town of Luhačovice. Join a guided tour and discover the story of the extraordinary personality of Tomas Bata and his entire family, who left an unforgettable imprint on the entire region.

Tomas Bata's family and colleagues used to visit Luhačovice regularly for recreation from 1920. Tomas Bata mostly stayed at Villa Esperanto on Solné and at Astoria in the Prague district. He used to promote his products and organise fashion shows here. He also often brought important guests to Luhačovice, such as the Minister of Finance – Karel Engliš. In 1932, he held a conference here presenting new car tyres produced in his factories.

The guided tour starts at the Information Centre and will first take you to the Palace Hotel, where one of the Bata stores was located. You will also see a bit of "America", as the new functionalist White Quarter was then called. You will learn about the social policy of Bata's companies and take a walk along the colonnade past the minerals that Tomas Bata was so fond of. At the Spa Square you will learn about the history of splendid rides and the tradition of fashion shows. The tour ends at the Theatre Café, which offers desserts based on Marie Bata's recipes.

Discover historical curiosities and connections, get to know the personality of Tomas Bata and his whole family. Experience the magic of the First Czechoslovak Republic as you walk through nostalgic places, admire old photographs and listen to detailed commentary. Experience Luhačovice as the Bata family did.

How to book a guided tour?

Guided tours in English and German are available only by advance booking 14 days in advance. Please make a reservation by phone: +420 577 133 980 / + 420 608 326 255. The price is individualized. Tours are organised by the Municipal Tourist and Information Centre Luhačovice.

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