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“Bata's Zlín” mobile app will guide you through the city

Explore Bata's Zlín with a new app. Download the app to your mobile phone and walk around the city and its most important places. You will enjoy augmented reality (AR) elements, interactive games, a fun quiz and rewards.

The mobile application "Bata's Zlín" (Baťův Zlín in Czech) presents the history of the city. It will help you explore Bata's places in an entertaining way, offering interactive games and augmented reality (AR). You can choose from two routes, a long one – 120 minutes (5 km) and a short one – 50 minutes (2 km).

While exploring various locations, you will listen to fascinating stories, experience many adventures and test your knowledge in a variety of quizzes about Zlín and the era of Tomas Bata. The quizzes add a new dimension to the guide and allow you to actively participate in discovering the city. After completing the quiz, you will receive a reward at the Tourist Information Centre Zlín at náměstí Míru.

The app, which is available in both Czech and English, includes interactive elements of mini-games and augmented reality that provide a unique experience. Marie Bata will speak to you or the plane, in which Tomas Bata tragically died, will fly over your head. 

With a modern and clear interface, the app is easy to use for all ages, and the interactive map makes it easy to find your way to all the places of interest in the city. Download the "Bata's Zlín" app today and explore the Bata legacy with this unique guide. 

The mobile application was created by the city of Zlín in cooperation with Tasty Air.

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Download the FREE app for Android and iOS and discover Zlín, the heart of the Bata Region. Before downloading, check out the video guide HERE!

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